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    How can you cut IT waste and apply more of your agency's budget to your mission?

    • Stop paying for unused software and "shelf ware"
    • Streamline your Windows systems management infrastructure
    • Comply with Executive Orders 13576 and 13589
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    How can you "Do More With Less?

    • How can you maximize the ROI of Federal IT?
    • Increase Compliance with PortfolioStat
    • Utilize the 1E ActiveEfficiencyTM Platform – the world's first IT efficiency platform
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    Stop paying for software you're not using

    • How can you determine what software is being used and what's not?
    • How can you be ready for your next software audit?
    • How can you know what your software needs really are?
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    Does your Windows migration need Supercharging?

    • Are you ready for XP maintenance to be discontinued?
    • Do you need a plan to get migration done quickly?
    • Do you need to cut costs out of your current migration plan?
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    Is your agency in compliance?

    • How can you help the CIO comply with the funding bill?
    • How can you be ready for the requirement?
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    Is your agency wasting money on unnecessary energy costs?

    • How can you lower your energy costs?
    • How can you reduce your agency's carbon footprint?
    • How can your agency comply with Executive order 13514?

1E – The Leader in IT Efficiency for the Government

1E is the pioneer and global leader in Efficient IT solutions. 1E’s mission is to identify unused IT, help remove it, and optimize everything else. 1E Efficient IT solutions help reduce servers, network bandwidth constraints, software licenses, and energy consumption.

With more than 26 million licenses deployed worldwide, 1,700 organizations in 42 countries trust us to help them to work efficiently, productively and sustainably. To date, our customers have made $2.5 billion in efficiency savings. This includes $1.4 billion in energy costs alone and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 12.4 million tons. Our customers are drawn from public and private sectors across the world and include Verizon Wireless, Dell, CSC, the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Department of State. Our largest customers have more than 300,000 seats, our smallest just 500.

Optimizing the Software Estate at Your Federal Agency

Imagine a world where you can obtain full visibility into your software estate, proactively reducing licensing costs while saving money. 1E can help make this world your reality.

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Government Solutions

Software Distribution Re-engineered

With Systems Management being carried out to distribute software (e.g. Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrades, software and patches) across large global networks, IT departments are constantly challenged with how to do this without impacting the day-to-day business use of the network. Nomad 2012 allows software to be distributed anywhere, in the fastest way possible, easily and at any time, while removing complexity from the network and drastically reducing the number of servers needed.

Reducing Software License Costs and Gaining Instant Overview of Your IT Estate

For government IT, modernizing operations and enhancing services while reducing IT costs is a growing priority. Software spend represents an opportunity to deliver measurable savings. Did you know that, on average, organizations have more than $400 of unused software sitting on every PC?

AppClarity gives you clear and simple visibility of your entire software estate, across both servers and PCs, enabling you to make immediate reductions in software costs, providing the information you need to prepare for a software audit. AppClarity financially quantifies all unused software and it can initiate automatic user-centric software reclaims.

Smart, Fast, Automated Windows and SCCM Migrations

Windows Migrations

Windows XP may be dead, but 1E provides smarter, faster ways to migrate apps and deliver the OS.

You can’t automate your migration without understanding the critical processes that drive it. The good news: once you do identify and automate key processes, your Windows migration will be faster, lower-cost and far less disruptive.

1E provides an empirical analysis of the major decisions affecting any Windows migration project, and helps you make it to the other side.

SCCM Upgrades and Deployments

When planning to migrate to Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, too many businesses plan to simply replicate the strategy from previous versions. That means duplicating the entire existing architecture whether it is needed or not. We’d like to show you how you can avoid all that waste, both in terms of budget and effort.

1E SCCM migration is the smartest, most cost effective way of migrating to and running Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager within your organization.

It’s not magic… just clever

The App Store for the Enterprise and User Self Service

Government employees are no longer satisfied with burdensome, manual software request processes. They want to order desktop applications at work just as easily as if they were downloading music, books or games at home. Shopping is the app store for Government that combines the on-demand user experience of consumer devices with the control, integration and automation needs of Corporate IT

Shopping represents a huge leap forward for Government IT delivery, blending the rich functionality of a traditional enterprise request portal with the intuitive experience expected of a modern consumer app store.

The portal enables users to get the software and services they need, when they need them, and in the way they now expect, through a simple, modern interface. At the same time, SHOPPING gives Government agencies back control of their IT infrastructure.

Delivering unparalleled Usability, Speed, Scale, Control and Value.

Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions through PC Power and Patch Management

1E delivers credible savings by drastically reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. With 12 million licenses sold, NightWatchman has saved in excess of $1.3 billion and prevented 11.5 million tons of CO2 emissions across both public and private sector organizations worldwide. Together with WakeUp (1E’s Wake-on-LAN solution), NightWatchman ensures all PCs are available and ready to be patched at any time allowing you to fully automate routine maintenance and software/ patch distribution. NightWatchman and WakeUp are ideal for large, complex enterprise environments.

  • Power Management: Secure power management that is simple to deploy, manage and maintain. Includes ability to sleep and standby, wake with alarm clock, group and report.
  • PC Estate Profiler: Monitor and report on hardware utilization of all PCs across your estate.
  • WakeUp: Secure Wake-on-LAN technology for waking machines from shutdown out of hours to apply patches/updates.
  • WebWakeUp: Enable end users to remotely access power-managed work PCs outside office hours using a home PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Enterprise Patch Management: Integration with the patch management process to ensure that patches are successfully applied out-of-band.